Hong Kong activists use Tinder and Pokemon Go to organize protests

The protest events in Hong Kong are taking on an unexpected but logical color. Nobody wants to shed blood, so both sides have gone over to actively sabotaging opponents and disorganizing their actions. After using indelible paint and lasers to dazzle cameras, it was the turn of communication systems.

In China, the Internet and everything connected with it has long been under the total control of the government, and therefore the protesters choose non-standard applications to coordinate their actions. For example, instead of traditional messengers, Tinder messages were used. And the Chinese who express sympathy for the southerners leave messages on LIHKG - the Hong Kong version of Reddit.

The majority of Hong Kong residents live under an information blockade - protests are not reported, and any gatherings of people attract the attention of the police. Therefore, locals got the hang of using the iPhone's AirDrop function to share information with others without unnecessary noise. Others said that they had gathered in one of the squares to play the game Pokemon Go, and not at all to protest.

In response, the Chinese authorities deployed a propaganda machine and began filming live video of the heroic deeds of the police and the shameful misdeeds of the rebels. Short emotional videos are immediately posted on Douyin, an analogue of the TikTok video service, where tens of millions of likes are instantly collected. This campaign is held under the auspices of the PLA, which only strengthens the authority of the military in the eyes of the bulk of the people of China, who, instead of "soldier", are shown as skillful and noble strategists.