China's first police dog cloned

Training police dogs in any country in the world is a complex, lengthy and expensive process. China seems to have found a way to simplify it by cloning ready-made police dogs.

According to the China Daily, in Kunming, Yunnan Agricultural University and Beijing Sinogene Biotechnology are training a two-month-old Kunming puppy cloned from a well-known search dog. The goal is not difficult to guess: police officials hope that parental genes will help save time and money for training the dog.

It is reported that the genes for cloning were taken from the somatic skin cells of an adult dog and implanted into a hound for maturation.

According to one of the researchers, Wan Jiusheng, scientists hope that the puppy will inherit all the best from its parents and will be able to start serving in 10 months. In the future, it is planned to create a bank of cells of police dogs and put the process of cloning them on stream.

True, there may be ethical problems associated with the very cloning of animals. Probably not everyone will like the idea of ​​concentrating virtually identical dogs in one place. A genetic "marriage" is not excluded - the birth of sick individuals with various disorders. Currently, there is no rush to implement such a concept anywhere except in China.