Amid a sharp drop in demand for smartphones, Huawei switched to ... pigs

The US sanctions against one of the world's largest smartphone manufacturers, the Chinese company Huawei, have been painful. So, due to the blocking of access to Google applications, the production of smartphones decreased by 42% from 56 million in the fourth quarter of 2019 to 32 million units at the end of 2020. The company also warned its suppliers of a further drop in production from 189 million units last year to 70 million in 2021.

To the credit of the Chinese electronic giant, he is not going to give up and is reorienting his considerable resources to other areas, in particular, to the production of AI devices for pig breeding complexes that will track and identify animals. Their main feature is "independence" from the Android ecosystem, which includes the central services Google apps and Google play.

China is the largest pork producer in the world, producing over 50% of the world's pig population. Huawei's AI technology will help farmers detect disease in pigs, monitor their health, and identify individual animals.

In addition, Huawei will offer its technologies to the coal mining industry, cloud computing, wearable devices and the development of smart cars.