Pork shortage is forcing Chinese to raise pigs larger than polar bears

In 2020, China, which consumes half of all pork in the world, is expected to have a deficit of 10 million tons of this most important product. One of the reasons is the heavy damage to the industry from African swine fever. In the meantime, the authorities figure out how to stop deadly epidemics, farmers in Guangxi province are intensively raising new pigs - giant ones.

The weight of adult pigs fed for slaughter varies from 150 to 350 kg. The average weight of pigs on the best farm in Nanning (the central city of the province) is from 500 kg and more. This is much less than the Chinese record holder, boar Ton Pig, who died in 2004 from obesity and weighed 900 kg. And clearly less than that of the historical record holder, the Big Bill boar from the American Tennessee, which weighed more than 1200 kg. But at the same time, the new pigs already weigh more than the polar bear, which grows to 450 kg.

The logic of Chinese giant pig breeders is simple - in conditions of meat shortage, an increase in the weight of one individual by 14% promises an increase in profits by 30%. And these heavyweights are not afraid of diseases, because they are raised not for the sake of records, but for slaughter. The pig gains weight of 500 kg quickly, even without pharmaceutical preparations, simply on enhanced nutrition. And it can be sold, in live weight, for 10, 000 yuan or $ 1, 400, which is three times the average monthly salary in the province.

Analysts warn that even a switch to raising huge pigs will not save China, and with it the rest of the world, from a pork shortage. This means that prices for it will continue to grow.