Artificial intelligence drew the cartoon "Flintstones" from the text description of the scenes

With the advent of digital technology, the work of an animator hasn't become much easier. There is still a need in the industry to transfer routine rendering to the computer, for which the experimental artificial intelligence "Craft" was created. In trial work, he was assigned to draw several episodes for the animated series The Flintstones.

At the training stage, the Craft neural network analyzed 25, 000 fragments of a real cartoon, 3 seconds each, in which characteristic elements, characters, their gestures, etc. were clearly represented. Each piece was accompanied by a textual description of its key elements. AI learned to match the commands "draw this object" and the corresponding graphics.

Then Craft was given sets of descriptions and asked to draw several fundamentally new scenes of the cartoon. The result was predictable - continuous glitches, inaccuracies, overlapping objects, non-observance of perspective, etc. The AI ​​was not mistaken in only one thing: he drew exactly what was asked for, although the quality of the animation was simply terrible. But this was the essence of the experiment - to identify the basic mistakes of the new technology and assess its prospects as a whole.

The intermediate conclusion is that the AI ​​multiplier has the right to exist, and the project can be developed. But not in the field of artistic animation, but for technical, auxiliary needs. For example, he will be able to "animate" schemes and static images, prepare a background image, arrange objects in the frame. The real artist, however, remains to focus on purely creative work, to invent and create unique content.