Artist Ruben Wu paints surreal paintings using drones

Artist Ruben Wu works at the intersection of painting, photography, science fiction and applied robotics. He uses multicopters with different variations of LED lighting to create vivid images where humans cannot physically reach. And then photographs are born that awaken romantic dreams of other worlds.

Wu's first major project was called "Lux Noctis" and was devoted to testing the very concept of using drones for artistic illumination of real and inaccessible objects. Then the photographer decided to work with rocky peaks and mountain peaks in order to illuminate them from an unusual angle, and then make the flight of the light source around the mountain a part of the artistic picture.

The next big work was called "Aeroglyphs" - Ruben Wu tried to draw glowing symbols right in the sky, without relying on canvas. Of course, with the help of cars with bulbs, but now tricky combinations of flight path, camera exposure, the use of multiple light sources, etc. have been used. We emphasize that this is not an image processing in the editor, all photos were taken in reality.

The latest masterpiece is "Terminus", filming inside a glacier in Peru at an altitude of 5200 m. Wu wanted to draw attention to the rapid melting of ice on the planet and at the same time show the power and grandeur of the remaining glaciers. Flying in a confined space turned out to be not the easiest work, but the result is impressive - it is not just a strip of light, but like an alien artifact that is ready to open a portal to another world.