Beat Saber lets you swing your Jedi sword in virtual reality

The developer studio Hyperbolic Magnetism has released the virtual reality game Beat Saber on Steam and Oculus Store, which will surely become the ideological successor of the legendary Guitar Hero or Thumper. It uses classic rhythm gameplay, but has to cut the moving blocks of color in a superbly realized imitation of real Jedi lightsabers. It is recommended to all those who wanted to wave the legendary weapon to cheerful music.

The game is optimized for virtual reality, so colored blocks do not just disappear upon contact with swords - they can and should be cut at different angles so that only sparks fly on the sides. Each block has its own sword color, there are fake baits and obstacles to dodge. The speed of the gameplay is such that most of the movements are done intuitively, like in real combat.

The game has three modes, with two regular or colored swords, and the classics are one Jedi, one lightsaber, many enemies. They have their own strengths and weaknesses, which prepare the player for the main thing, a frantic meat grinder to wild but harmonious musical riffs, in order to feel like a real warrior from a distant galaxy. In a VR helmet, this is more than real.

Beat Saber is currently presented as an early access game, with only a few balanced arenas with musical accompaniment. The developers promise to release a level editor as soon as possible so that users can use their favorite music to construct new arenas. And who knows to what heights Beat Saber will grow? In the meantime, this is a great way to spend time in virtuality with a lightsaber in hand.