The Japanese invented a device for determining the level of salt in food

Japanese scientists have figured out how to determine the salinity of a dish without tasting it. Long research has resulted in a special portable device called Handy Salt Meter.

A well-known company from Japan Thanko has released a gadget for measuring the level of salt in food. The Handy Salt Meter is a small device that looks like an electronic thermometer. However, instead of temperature, it displays a salt concentration scale.

To determine the salinity of food, you need to immerse the Handy Salt Meter in it and press the power button, after which the result will be displayed on the LED display - from 0.3 to 3 percent. The device is powered by four LR44 batteries.

However, the device will not be able to determine the salinity of solid or cold food. It only works if the product is liquid and its temperature is at least 60 degrees Celsius.

Sales of the Handy Salt Meter will start in the near future at a price of $ 19, 80.