The idea of ​​a national cryptocurrency "Americoin" is being discussed in the USA

Silicon Valley investor and OpenAI co-chairman, Sam Altman, has proposed developing a cryptocurrency that will become a copy or "official representative" of the US dollar in the digital world. The name was found quickly - "Americanoin", but various difficulties arose with the technical and practical aspects of introducing the new currency.

Altman's supporters justify the need for America simply: the world has moved to the digital era, it's time to say goodbye to paper and metal money. In 2018, the US Federal Reserve spent $ 860 million just to support the physical aspects of using the dollar - paper, paint, metals, electricity for printing presses, etc. And how many more costs are the replacement of worn-out bills and problems with counterfeits? And all just so that the classic dollar just exists.

There are already enough virtual dollars, but they are not controlled by the state and do not have the status of a national currency. In fact, you just need to gradually transfer all American money to digital format, using proven cryptocurrency technology. Withdraw 10% of dollars from the population, generate the same amount of Americans and distribute in return, then repeat, etc.

But the trouble is, only 75% of Americans have smartphones, and 70% have reliable access to the Internet. With software for working with cryptocurrencies, there is chaos at all, a complete dominance of adventurers and hackers who will be happy to arrange a "redistribution of wealth", taking advantage of the financial and technical illiteracy of the general population. Therefore, at least you should not rush. But it is better to start discussing national cryptocurrencies in advance.