Scio pocket gadget determines the calorie content of foods

Most of the existing calorie calculating apps are quite complex and very inaccurate. Israeli engineers have solved this problem by developing the SCIO pocket scanner, which is designed to determine the level of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in food.

A beam of light is used as an analyzer, which penetrates into the internal structures of the product by means of infrared spectroscopy, determines the level of substances it contains, or, in the language of specialists, analyzes the molecular "signature". The information received via Bluetooth is sent to the smartphone and then to the database, where the “signature” of the tested product is identified.

The end result goes back to the Scio user on a smartphone. To accurately determine the number of calories, the user must determine the portion size of the scanned food.

Spectrometry is widely used in various branches of science from the analysis of chemicals to the determination of the gas composition of stars. They are usually bulky devices, and therefore the advent of a portable spectrometer is an undeniable technical and scientific achievement.