TempTraq sticker thermometer ready to track baby's temperature all day

Gradually, the familiar things around us become smart. Televisions, telephones, and watches have grown wiser. And now the thermometers are next. For example, Blue Spark developed the TempTraq smart thermometer, which debuted at CES 2015 in January and is now on sale.

With TempTraq, you no longer have to disturb your child's sleep in order to measure temperature. The device looks like a regular sticker that is glued directly to the skin. It is actually a slim, smart digital thermometer with a flexible battery that accurately detects temperatures between 30 and 42 degrees Celsius.

You can track the baby's temperature using a smartphone with a special application installed, which displays not only the current body temperature, but also the statistics of its change. And if the temperature rises, TempTraq will inform the parents of this by sending a corresponding notification to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The application is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

The TempTraq smart thermometer is already available for ordering on the official website. The price of the issue is $ 24.99, excluding delivery.