Jetpack Aviation prepares the world's first jetpack races

Whatever high-speed means of transportation a person invented, as soon as the second sample appears, a competition begins between them. In the modern world, there are already enough not experimental, but reliable and powerful jetpacks to seriously discuss the competition between them. And the other day, the Jetpack Aviation team announced that they are ready to organize them next year.

Official races are a great way to monetize your start and speed up the process of legalizing innovation. For the direction of jetpacks that are already flying, but still remain the lot of enthusiasts, this is extremely important. Therefore, Jetpack Aviation conducted a special test flight of two pilots at an extremely short distance to check the safety of such maneuvers. They circled over the lake, and David Mayman patted Boris Jerry on the shoulder without removing the other from the control stick.

In fact, this video was the final of a 12-month series of tests and inspections, as a result of which Jetpack Aviation made a compelling conclusion: pilots on jetpacks do not interfere with each other in the air. Races are possible, but many organizational issues remain. For example, the first few years of the competition will be held over water for safety reasons. And what is the best way to mark the track there, in three-dimensional space, with the need to provide the judges with the ability to accurately assess the pilots' maneuvers?

Is it necessary to arrange races at all, maybe choose a different type of competition? If a pilot in a heavy jetpack filled with fuel makes a mistake at speeds over 300 km / h and crashes onto the audience from a height of 100 meters, it will be a disaster that will put an end to the entire industry. Spectators will not be envied anyway, you will have to watch the competitions in helmets, since headphones and glasses will not save you from the terrible hum and dust. Or looking out of glass? In a word, there will be competitions with jetpacks, but the future will show what format will be selected for them.