Scientists managed to "pause" bubbles of boiling water

It would seem that almost everything is known about the boiling process of water. However, a team of researchers at Syracuse University led by Professor Shalabh Maroo was able to learn much more by stopping the water bubbles.

Using a focused laser beam, they fixed a bubble of boiling water in a saucepan for several hours. Thanks to this "trick", they were able to investigate in more detail the behavior of the thinnest film at the base of vapor bubbles. Previously, this was not possible due to the transience of the boiling process.

During the pause, the scientists analyzed the behavior of water bubbles on hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces using water containing dissolved air and degassed water.

The data obtained from this experiment will help scientists to better understand and predict the behavior of surface structures during heat transfer. It will also become clear how the process of boiling water occurs in a state of weightlessness, when the bubbles remain motionless on a heated surface.

According to scientists, the research results will form the basis of new thermal management technologies in electronics.