DARPA develops technology to "hack" the brain of soldiers to endow them with superpowers

The US military is looking for ways to "hack" the human brain in order to improve the cognitive abilities of soldiers. Specifically, DARPA is funding eight separate studies on the effects of electrical brain stimulation to improve quality and revitalize learning.

For example, a program called Targeted Neuroplastic Training aims to use the peripheral nervous system to accelerate the learning process. This is supposed to be achieved by activating a process known as "synaptic plasticity" - one of the key processes in the brain that is responsible for the learning process.

DARPA is also working to identify physiological mechanisms that could make the brain more "adaptive" to learning when stimulated, which, for example, would speed up the learning of foreign languages. Also, methods of activating decision-making processes, spatial perception, speech perception and a sense of danger are being worked out.

The program is designed for 4 years. DARPA experts hope that its successful implementation will speed up the learning process by at least 30% with minimal side effects.