British multimillionaire learned to create diamonds out of thin air

The founder of the energy company Ecotricity, Dale Vince, announced the launch of a startup Sky Diamonds, which will create synthetic diamonds. According to the multimillionaire, these gems will become the most environmentally friendly in the world, because all the necessary components for them will literally be extracted from the air. More precisely, from the emissions of enterprises and precipitation - and this will be done with the help of wind and solar energy.

Today, to extract one carat of diamonds in the traditional way, on average, it is required to spend 3890 liters of water, to move 1000 tons of earth and stones, plus electricity is needed, the production of which creates about 110 kg of carbon dioxide in the form of emissions into the atmosphere. This is absolutely unacceptable from the point of view of concern for the environment, therefore, the demand for synthetic diamonds is growing in the world. They are obtained from the deposition of carbon-saturated methane around a target in a chamber at high pressure and temperature.

Vince is going to use the same technology, only he wants to get carbon from carbon dioxide, filtering atmospheric emissions. To obtain methane, hydrogen is needed, which will be extracted from rainwater by electrolysis. Solar and wind power plants will provide energy for all mechanisms. Vince is so confident of success that he announced his readiness to produce 200 carats of diamonds a month from the start of the project, and 1000 carats as the facilities are upgraded next year.