American students create a device that prevents sleep while driving

It is no secret that one of the causes of severe road accidents is the driver falling asleep while driving. A group of students at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) has developed a device that detects human fatigue.

The gadget was named Vigo. Its main task is to carefully monitor the level of attention of a person who has been driving for a long time. Externally, Vigo is a regular headset.

A special application on the smartphone is responsible for the operation of the gadget. The connection between them is supported by means of the Bluetooth interface.

The level of fatigue is determined by an infrared sensor and an accelerometer, analyzing the frequency of blinking of a person's eyes. When the first signs of drowsiness appear, the device immediately gives a pre-selected signal by the driver in the form of vibration, a music track or a blinking LED.