Cerebras Systems unveils the world's largest chip

This week, at the Supercomputing 2019 conference, Cerebras Systems unveiled the world's largest and most powerful (in terms of computational capabilities) Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine chip, which has already found a place in the CS-1 artificial intelligence supercomputer.

The chip occupies almost the entire area of ​​a 12-inch silicon wafer. That's 57 times larger than Nvidia's largest GPU. At the same time, it has 78 times more cores, 3, 000 times more internal memory and has 33, 000 times more bandwidth. The CS-1 supercomputer built on its basis consumes 15 kW of electricity, another 4 kW is taken by a rather complex cooling subsystem and 1 kW is lost due to imperfect power supply.

There is no data yet on the price of the new chip. According to the representative of the expert magazine Tom's Hardware, it could be several million dollars. However, even such a high price does not scare off potential customers, since computers with absolutely unique capabilities can be created on the basis of the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine.