Hapbeat will create the effect of being at a rock concert with strong vibrations

Japanese startup Hapbeat has unveiled the world's first wearable device that transmits the sound vibrations of music directly to the listener's body, creating a sensation similar to being present at a live concert. Headphones cannot create such an effect, since in reality we perceive sound not only with our ears, but also with the whole body at once. To mimic this process, Hapbeat generates powerful, precisely calculated vibrations that create a powerful immersive experience.

For the device to work, you need to do the following. First, you need to attach the Hapbeat to your clothes with a clip or magnetic fastener, or hang it around your neck with a cord. Remove from the device a strong string that encircles the listener's body in a loop. Then it remains to connect headphones to the gadget and start the track on your smartphone. Small motors housed inside the Hapbeat will begin to pull and loosen the string in time with the music, creating strong vibrations in the listener's body.

Due to its design, the Hapbeat is superior to other vibroacoustic devices. First, the gadget generates powerful bass vibrations by the very movement of the internal motors. Secondly, it clearly transmits weak vibrations, since all the moving parts of the device are incredibly light and responsive. And thirdly, it transmits a very wide range of vibrations, thanks to the use of a ring string that encircles the entire body of the listener. This method allows vibrations to be transmitted along the entire length of the string, and not only in the place where the gadget is attached.

Hapbeat uses kinesthetic interface technology that was first developed at Tokyo University of Technology in 1989. The device will hit the market this November and will be available for $ 199.