Tobii has developed a unique eye tracking technology

The idea of ​​controlling the work of a computer with one movement of the eyes is no longer something fantastic. More recently, the Swedish company Tobii introduced a unique interface system that can track the position of the eyes.

At first glance, the technology is pretty simple. The computer user looks at the screen and simultaneously touches the touchpad to launch a dedicated application. An infrared sensor is installed at the bottom of the screen, which carefully fixes (up to 30 pictures per second) the position of the user's eye, to which, thus, the position of the cursor or pointer is linked.

Now, in order to perform any manipulation on the computer, it is enough to look at the desired point on the screen and press a button on the keyboard. In this case, the program developed by Tobii assumes the use of the "insert" button. So, for example, to start the screen scrolling mode, just hold down the "Enter" button and look in the direction of scrolling.

For the vast majority of computer users, this technology may seem overkill, but people with serious musculoskeletal problems will surely appreciate it.