Created a transistor that stretches twice without loss of conductivity

An international research team has developed a transistor that can be doubled by stretching. In doing so, it will retain most of its conductivity. According to scientists, it can be very useful in the creation of wearable electronic devices.

The researchers note that the use of flexible transistors has slowed down due to high production costs, but has not diminished interest in them. In this case, scientists used polymers to create a transistor instead of silicon, so that it could not only bend, but also stretch without losing efficiency.

The transistor included DPP-TT semiconductor polymer, which was placed inside another elastic polymer, SEBS. The idea is that they coexist without mixing with each other. The result is a resilient thin-film transistor several tens of nanometers thick that can be produced with a printer at room temperature and at minimal cost.

During the tests, the transistors were stretched to a size twice the original size, while the conductivity decreased from only 0.59 cm2 / V s to 0.55 cm2 / V s.