The vibrating ring will warn the driver about falling asleep while driving

Last year in the UK, 1, 713 people died and nearly 22, 000 were seriously injured due to falling asleep while driving. Such depressing statistics forces many manufacturers to create new and more advanced devices to prevent such accidents.

The StopSleep smart ring is specially designed to monitor the driver's attention. As soon as it weakens, the ring begins to vibrate. It is put on two fingers and outwardly somewhat resembles brass knuckles. It contains 8 sensors that measure the electrical activity of the skin.

If the driver, for some reason, does not react to the warning received, the signal is repeated, thereby urging him to stop and rest. After the second warning, a loud beep sounds and a stronger vibration is generated.

StopSleep is primarily aimed at drivers of commercial trucks, intercity buses and taxis. It can also be used by lovers of long-distance travel. The ring is priced at £ 179.99.