A device that scans the driver's brain to prevent traffic accidents

An unusual gadget of the Taiwanese company Akust Technology called "BrainWave Life Guardian" was presented at CES 2016. The device in the form of a sun visor has an electronic filling that allows you to read thoughts, or rather electrical signals from the driver's brain while driving.

In the event of a change in the frequency of these signals, which may indicate a decrease in attention or a painful condition of the driver, the device issues an "alarm" signal to a special bracelet, which starts vibrating or activates an alarm signal directly on the visor. The owner of the company, Stanley Young, demonstrated the quality of the gadget while driving a toy car.

If the driver is fully focused on driving the car, then the appropriate "correct" brain impulses allow the car to move forward unhindered. As soon as attention is dulled, there is a stop. Introducing his brainchild, Stanley Young explained:

“The device can be used, for example, to identify drunk taxi drivers who are sure that no one will catch them. But after they put on our visor, we will be able to convict them with an accuracy of 95% that they have drunk too much. "

The estimated cost for BrainWave is $ 120.