What happens when you paint a car with the blackest paint in the world

A video has just appeared on the YouTube channel DipYourCar of how the acrylic paint Musou Black from Koyo Orient is applied to the surface of the body of the Lancer Evolution X, which is capable of absorbing up to 99.4% of the light incident on it.

As you can see in the video, after painting, the characteristic glare and reflections from the surface disappeared. The car practically disappeared into the darkness, as if it were completely draped in black velvet.

In fact, Musou Black was not designed to paint cars. The Koyo Orient website presents several use cases for its development, among which there is no "automotive" one. The paint was supposed to cover various objects and sculptures. If, nevertheless, the car is painted in Musou Black, then it will not end with anything good - especially at night, when it becomes almost invisible to other road users.

This is not the first time such experiments have occurred. Previously, BMW and Surrey NanoSystems presented an exotic Vantablack paint with a similar effect at the Frankfurt Motor Show. However, as representatives of BMW later reported, it is intended for companies carrying out military orders, and Vantablack remained inaccessible to civilian consumers.