US government confirms Site 51

This is the end of many years of discussion of rumors and conspiracy theories regarding the fantastical Area 51. The US government has acknowledged the existence of this secret facility in documents recently declassified by the CIA.

The National Security Archive at George Washington University has published the Secret History of the U-2 report on a secret American reconnaissance aircraft. The pages of the report contain numerous references to Area 51, which was used in the United States as a secret test facility for a Cold War aircraft.

On April 12, 1955, Richard Bissell and Colonel Osmund Rietland flew over Nevada in a small manned Beechcraft aircraft. At one point, they noticed a great place for a runway right in the middle of the salt lake Groom Lake, not far from the Nevada nuclear power test site.

After landing at the bottom of the lake, the team concluded that they had found the perfect site to conduct various hidden tests.

"In order for the new facility, located in the distance, to acquire some attractiveness for workers, it was called Paradise Ranch at first."

The fact that the existence of Area 51 has not yet been officially recognized does not mean that people were unaware of the reality of such an object. Nevertheless, the discovery of information about the existence of the zone is a serious step towards the potential discovery of even more interesting documents and facts, the secrecy of which was limited to Area 51.