Sony unveils Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PS4

Sony has long mentioned developing its own virtual reality headset to compete with other similar projects. Back in 2011, there were rumors about the release of such a headset for the Playstation 3. But until now, no one knew how the device would look and what it would be capable of.

Now the generation of consoles has changed, and the company has introduced Project Morpheus already for its new PS4 console. The Sony headset is likely to be distributed as an update for the PS4, which was the Kinect for the Xbox 360.

Project Morpheus was presented at the current Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The headset is a 5-inch LCD screen with 1080p resolution and 90-degree viewing angle. In addition, it uses Playstation Camera and Playstation Move technologies, as well as 3D sound. The current version of the headset connects via USB and HDMI, but Sony plans to get rid of the wires in the future. So far, nothing is known about the price and release date of the device.