World's largest carbon dioxide capture plant commissioned

Last week, NRG Energy and JX Nippon announced the completion of the world's largest CO2 capture system, the Petra Nova. The system will collect virtually all of the carbon dioxide produced by Texas's largest thermal power plant.

One of the most obvious ways to stop global climate change is to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as possible. The technology to do this is called CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), which means carbon capture and storage. The CCS system collects CO 2 from the chimneys of a plant or power plant and pumps it underground for storage.

The Petra Nova capture system collects up to 90% CO 2, which is more than 5000 tons per day. Since the start of the tests in September, it has already managed to collect 100 thousand tons of carbon dioxide. The use of carbon dioxide in the process of obtaining oil will increase production by 10-15 thousand barrels per day.