Scientists have found that animals are not alien to a sense of humor

This is the opinion of researchers at the Center for Molecular Therapy at Northwestern University in the United States. In the course of experiments, they try to make experimental rats laugh with the help of tickling. If successful, it will become finally clear that a sense of humor is not unique to humans. Over time, the results of research will probably form the basis for the creation of the cherished tablet of happiness.

According to scientists, laughter is a kind of evolutionary product of panting, which some great apes emit during games that give them special pleasure. Scientists were once again convinced of this by tickling orangutans, bonobos, gorillas, and chimpanzees, to which they responded in unison with a characteristic chug reminiscent of our laughter.

Environmental specialist Mark Bekoff of the University of Colorado is convinced that a sense of humor is inherent not only in primates, but also in other species of mammals. It is a matter of time to prove it.