SpaceX prepares to build a hypersonic transport system between continents

In addition to Mars colonization projects, SpaceX also intends to organize transcontinental space transportation using powerful hypersonic rockets.

For the first time this idea was voiced by Elon Musk during the next presentation in 2017. The essence of the project is that a hypersonic rocket with passengers starts from a floating cosmodrome - for example, from the waters of New York, and in half an hour it lands on the same floating platform, but not far from Shanghai. This is a BFR launch vehicle.

Musk insists that this is more than just a concept, in connection with which SpaceX will begin building infrastructure facilities and testing the necessary transport technologies in the near future.

Not to be unfounded, Musk posted on his Twitter a list of vacancies, including "an engineer for operations on the high seas." Requirements for the candidate - "the ability to work as part of a group of engineers and technicians for the design and construction of a naval missile launch complex."

Musk explained that upgraded oil platforms will be used as launch sites, which can be reached using Hyperloop. According to his very optimistic estimates, transcontinental hypersonic flights can begin in 2-3 years.