World's first certified synthetic meat to appear in Singapore restaurant

The first time in the world that the authorities approved the sale of artificial chicken meat occurred in Singapore. The startup company Eat Just has achieved success. Traditional meat production requires the use of vast resources of land, water, energy and generates greenhouse gas emissions. So scientists, environmentalists, and tech-food companies are looking for more sustainable ways to feed humanity.

A number of startups are already working in this direction, such as Impossible Foods, which use plant cells as a base, while others, such as KFC and Aleph Farms, work with animal tissues. Eat Just takes a small number of cells from real animals and feeds them with identical trace elements as if they were a living organism. The growth process takes place inside the bioreactor and eventually the cells turn into edible steaks.

Eat Just assures that this chicken is indistinguishable from natural, has the same nutritional value and does not contain antibiotics. Test-tube raised meat generates 78-96% less greenhouse gas emissions, 99% less land and 96% less water than conventional chicken. The Singapore Food Agency has inspected the company's health compliance and approved synthetic chicken as an ingredient in chicken dishes for a local restaurant.

Eat Just is not going to stop with chicken and is already working on raising artificial beef from Californian cattle and Japanese wagyu cages.