Newark airport security finds original use for the Xbox Kinects game controller

Surveillance cameras in airport terminals are a necessary attribute of a security system. More recently, however, video game historian and archivist Jason Scott, while waiting for his flight at Newark International Airport (USA), was surprised to find the Xbox Kinects touch game controller next to the monitor screen.

At one time, its developer - Microsoft hoped to revolutionize the gaming industry. However, the attempt ended in failure, and production of the Xbox Kinect was phased out in October 2017.

No one expected Newark airport security staff to be so creative and adventurous: thanks to them, the decommissioned controller found its second life as an element of the video surveillance system.

Whether the Xbox Kinect is the best alternative to outdoor cameras is anyone's guess. Nevertheless, the very fact of using the "decommissioned" device not in the game room, but in the airport premises certainly deserves attention.