Samsung's new smart glasses help see those who have lost their sight

Samsung will showcase its Relumino smart glasses at CES 2018 just opened in Las Vegas, which will surely prove useful to those who have partially lost their eyesight.

This is the first device based on the Samsung Relumino mobile app, which was unveiled during last year's Mobile World Congress. The peculiarity of the new gadget is that thanks to the application, the smartphone begins to help blind and visually impaired people navigate difficult situations.

Relumino works in several modes. The so-called "normal mode" makes blurry images clearer, "recognizes" the outlines of objects, making them more visible. The next one is color invert mode makes it easier for users to read text on a page or screen from a normal distance, so there is no need to move the page closer to their eyes. With its help, the text gains a higher contrast.

In addition, as part of the C-Lab (Creative Lab) program, Samsung will present a portable directional speaker S-Ray at CES, the sounds from which will be available only to the user. The Mini and Handy speakers are rectangular modules that can be attached to a computer monitor or bag strap. Another speaker - the Necband is C-shaped and worn around the neck, projecting sounds up towards the ears.