Healing hydrogel can help get rid of skin cancer without chemotherapy

American researchers have conducted a series of experiments to test a new concept for the treatment of skin cancer. Such as melanoma - a deadly form of cancer, which often becomes noticeable only when the effect on the lymphatic system has already begun. This process can be delayed or even stopped with the help of powerful chemotherapy, but the whole body will have to be stressed, while the focus of the disease is in plain sight.

When a tumor is hidden in the bowels of the body, the question does not even arise, but if cancer cells are directly on the skin, then is it possible to develop a technique that will kill them from the outside, and not from the inside? Yes, you can - American scientists are experimenting with various modifications of the hydrogel as a basis for chemotherapeutic agents. In fact, this is a kind of ointment with "anti-cancer poison" - paclitaxel was used as a working substance.

The toxin dose was wrapped in a surfactant shell and then coated with several layers of phospholipids. The resulting combination is able to penetrate multiple layers of the skin and quickly get straight to cancer cells. During the experiment with rodents, in order to avoid metastases inside the body, the researchers, along with external compresses, also injected this substance.

In the course of experiments, a combination of injections with the use of ointments provided twice the effect of suppressing cancer cells than just injections of a chemotherapeutic substance. This is far from a panacea, and there is no talk of developing similar means for people yet. But one can already imagine a future in which, instead of going to the hospital for exhausting and painful chemotherapy, it will be possible to get by with a course of ointments at home.