British designers have learned to make portable speakers from plastic waste

Plastic has become the real curse of our civilization. Plastic waste can be found literally everywhere - on land, in the air and at the very bottom of the oceans. Unfortunately, not all of them are recyclable - in particular bubble wrap and elastic packaging of food pallets.

Brighton, UK-based design studio Gomi has attempted to address this problem by developing technology to transform flexible plastic into portable wireless speakers.

Each speaker consists of three modules made from approximately 100 recycled plastic bags. The production process also includes hand-crafted patterns that imitate marble - as a result, each piece has a unique color.

Gomi works with local wholesalers in Sussex to provide her with the waste she needs that would otherwise end up in landfill or incinerated. In addition, the studio accepts plastic waste from local households.

The speaker measures 140 x 270 x 80 mm. Gomi also makes a portable power unit with a body made from the same material. It houses a 20, 000mAh lithium-ion battery and features USB-C, USB and USB 3.0 ports with fast charging capabilities.

To begin manufacturing the speakers, the studio launched a Kickstarter campaign where the gadget can be purchased for $ 260. If successful, sales will begin in November this year.