Remute's new techno album to be released as a cartridge for the Sega Genesis console

These days, the craving for vintage hardware and retro technology is sometimes quirky. It's not all limited to vinyl - Serbian DJ Remute recently recorded his new Technoptimistic album in the techno genre, using a cartridge for the Sega Mega Drive game console as a carrier. And this is not his first experience in this area.

In 2017, he already managed to record half of the music album on an old floppy disk. To squeeze such a volume of data onto a modest medium, I had to recode all the tracks in the .mod format. Each song was compressed to the size of a text document from the Word editor, which made it possible to write 4-6 compositions onto a floppy disk. As Remute himself says, it was an important experience, training for the future.

The choice of Sega as the new platform significantly expands the possibilities for experimentation. The sound chip in this console is a 6-channel FM synthesizer, along with interval timers and a sinusoidal low-frequency generator, allowing for what fans call the "ladder effect" distortion. At one time, it was modified to support digital synthesizers and homemade video playback.

The new album is officially out on March 22, 2019. It will cost from 33 euros, this money includes an unlimited subscription to Bandcamp and the ability to download the album in several convenient formats. But it is much more interesting, Remute himself argues, to dust off the old set-top box and listen to music on real vintage equipment.