Artificial intelligence StyleGAN2 will easily turn you into a bloodthirsty zombie

In social networks, the trend is rapidly spreading to redraw zombie avatars for the upcoming Halloween. The main work is performed by a neural network based on StyleGAN2, which the developer Josh Brown Kramer adapted for his social-humorous project "Make Me A Zombie". He made a website with an image generator where you can upload your photos and get the finished result.

The original StyleGAN2 project was developed by Nvidia and made publicly available as open source last year. The neural network perfectly redraws photos based on user settings, which has led to the creation of a number of fun and often useful applications. For his work, Kramer used ready-made StyleGanV2 ​​models - Furry, FFHQ, Anime, Ponies and Fox Model, plus a description of inter-model interpolations from Yandex and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Some of the models were used for separate generation of images of people and zombies, the rest were useful for matching pairs of images.

For the basic training of the neural network, the developer used 50, 000 images of the living dead, to consolidate knowledge, he fed her 300 more manually selected photos with makeup and zombie masks from last year's Halloween. Using a home computer with an Nvidia 2080 Ti GP graphics card, Kramer trained the neural network in about a day. Now his brainchild is used with might and main in social networks, including for repainting cute toothless babies in bloodthirsty fanged zombies.