Moderna vaccine to be approved based on placebo data in US

The US authorities are preparing to issue an emergency authorization for the use of the Moderna vaccine without waiting for the completion of all checks. The main reason is the high similarity of the graphs of the effectiveness of this product and the Pfizer vaccine, which is already approved. But most of all, officials were impressed by the placebo efficacy curve, which goes up sharply in both cases.

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are very similar in their effect, although they have different origins. The level of effectiveness in both cases is about 94%, but it is achieved only after the second vaccination. The first takes effect after 14 days, the second after 28 for Moderna and 21 days for Pfizer. Among those vaccinated by Moderna, only 11 people fell ill with coronavirus, while in the control group, 185 people fell ill during the same period.

The most compelling argument in favor of both vaccines was found by US regulatory authorities to be identical for up to 14 days in patients who received the real vaccine and the placebo. But after that, the discrepancy began not in favor of the placebo group, which sharply increased after the second vaccination. Among the unvaccinated, dozens of severe cases of COVID-19 were noted, plus deaths, which are not observed in vaccinated patients - clear evidence that the vaccine works. True, as many as 17% of vaccinated people complained of severe headaches, fever, and some even took forced leave. However, this is unlikely to affect the decision of the American authorities, experts say.

Discrepancy in incidence curves among patients vaccinated with Moderna vaccine and those who received placebo