Scientists have discovered a huge ocean inside the Earth

Do you think that at the moment all the large accumulations of water on our planet have long been known? This is not true. Scientists at Northeastern Illinois University recently confirmed the existence of an underground ocean that contains more water than all known bodies of water on the Earth's surface combined.

The only difference is that the discovered ocean is located deep inside the earth's mantle. It is about 400 kilometers into the interior of the planet. To find out what is happening at such a depth, scientists studied seismic waves from more than 500 earthquakes. These waves can continue to vibrate for several days after an earthquake. By measuring their speed, it becomes possible to know what material they pass through.

Scientists also managed to study two diamonds from the Earth's mantle, extracted from there during a volcanic eruption. Both contained blotches of blue rock - ringwoodite. It is a material that is capable of absorbing and subsequently releasing water under extreme pressures. By recreating pressure and temperature close to those found in the mantle, the scientists saw how the ringwoodite began to "sweat" with water droplets.

The information obtained has made it possible to build a new theory about the formation of the Earth's surface oceans. Initially, it was believed that water was brought to our planet by a comet that collided with the Earth. Following the new data, it can be assumed that water has always been here. It also explains why the oceanic portion of our planet remains constant for millions of years - a hidden reserve of water keeps the water balance in balance.