A piezoelectric strap can generate electricity when chewing

In whatever way people have not tried to get energy. Canadian researchers decided to use a human mouth for this and developed a chin strap that can generate electricity when the lower jaw moves. Scientists hope to get energy from ordinary human activities, such as chewing or talking. They believe that this should be enough to power medical implants or wearable devices.

Researchers in Montreal considered the jaw to be one of the most suitable body parts for such a device. For example, during a meal, you can get about 7 mW of electricity with it. This is made possible by the use of piezoelectric fiber composites, which, when stretched, generate an electric current.

Piezoelectric composite

The device is still very far from being implemented. However, scientists themselves consider it only as a proof of concept that such devices are, in principle, possible. Indeed, in fact, a person during everyday activities uselessly spends a lot of kinetic energy, which could be collected and put into action.