Smart T-shirt controls breathing

Already a fairly numerous line of "smart" clothing has been replenished by French researchers from the University of Laval. They have developed a smart T-shirt to help diagnose certain respiratory diseases. These include asthma, sleep apnea and chronic lung disease.

The task of the scientists was to create sportswear that performs diagnostics without any wires, electrodes or sensors, but only through direct contact with the body. For this, an antenna was made in the form of a hollow fiberglass coated with a thin layer of silver. The device is located at chest level.

The unique antenna, in combination, performs several functions at once, being both a sensor and a transmitter, collecting and transmitting data on the parameters of respiration.

Using the smart T-shirt is easy: the device transmits real-time data to a smartphone or computer via a dedicated app. The data obtained help to diagnose various diseases of the respiratory system.

The electronic fibers integrate easily into the shirt and do not interfere with natural movements. Also, there are no problems with washing in the washing machine.