Honda presented a project of an energy generating smart home

The world-famous Japanese automobile giant Honda decided to try its hand at an unconventional area for itself - in the creation of energy-efficient "smart" homes.

The project presented a couple of days ago is called Honda Smart Home US. Its main feature is the ability to generate more electricity than it consumes itself. Instead of the usual tiles, the roof is covered with solar panels, and geothermal pumps provide heat to the house. These autonomous systems produce about 16 MWh of electricity, while a home only needs 13.3 MWh.

Electric vehicle charging

The project developers propose to spend the rest of the energy on charging an electric car like Honda Fit EV or transfer it to the central power supply system. In addition, the smart home is equipped with modern energy-saving equipment, energy management systems, LED lighting, an insulated facade and energy-efficient double-glazed windows.