Fashion bomb: 3D printed swimsuit

The author of the futuristic fashion project Waves, Gordon Nadir, a student at the University of Palermo, has come up with an amazing outfit that combines style and sculptural solution.

The swimsuit, which looks completely one-piece, consists of 14 parts. The statue was 3D printed on the MakerBot Replicator 2 for almost 90 hours. After that, it was still necessary to assemble the printed parts into a single structure using a soldering iron.

But it took only one day to develop the design. The idea was born to Nadir from the image of waves beating against the rocks, their constant movement. So the costume conveys simultaneously conflicting emotions - serenity and ferocity. In addition to the waves, design icons Iris Van Herpen and Francis Bitonti served as inspiration.

According to the creator of the swimsuit, 3d technology allows you to obtain volume and shapes that cannot be embodied using traditional fabrics and sewing methods. Despite the low functionality of the swimsuit design, the model demonstrating the suit noted its convenience. Gordon himself plans to continue working with 3D printing technology and develop things that can become part of the everyday reality of people.