An unusual landslide recorded in the Kemerovo region

A resident of the Kemerovo region Alexander Giniyatullin accidentally witnessed an unusual natural phenomenon - a landslide called "earthflow". He filmed what he saw and then posted it on YouTube.

The sight is really creepy. The focus of the landslide, most likely, was the Zarechny open-pit mine. Huge moving masses of earth, sweeping away trees and power lines in their path, crawled onto the road and blocked it. As a result of the collapse of several power transmission towers, several villages were left without power supply. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

According to scientists, this type of landslide is a consequence of the movement of fine-grained rocks - sand, clay, silt, saturated with water and moving downhill. In this case, a bowl-shaped depression remains behind the landslide.

Unlike mudflows, earthflow moves much more slowly. It forms, as a rule, in the upper part of the slope, where a large amount of dirt accumulates, which is exposed to weathering, and after heavy prolonged rains it becomes saturated with moisture. Upon reaching the critical mass, the soil begins to slide down.

Something similar happens in the mountains, which causes numerous rockfalls. So in the Alps, their peak falls on June-September - the hottest time when the glaciers begin to melt.