In Australia, construction of a residential building-park will begin soon

In Brisbane, Australia, a project has been developed for a building that will have more trees than a nearby city park. This is the Urban Forest project - a 30-storey high-rise building with 382 apartments, on the facade, roof and terraces of which more than 1, 000 trees and 20, 000 plants will be planted.

During the construction of the house, columns will be used, which, according to the architects' idea, look like the trunks of giant trees. The Urban Forest will house a public park on the ground floor and a two-story tenant garden on the rooftop. The project documentation indicates that total landscaping of the house will require 259 species of native plants, and their total number will exceed 20, 000. This is five times more than in nearby Musgrave Park.

The overall design of Urban Forest is designed to make the most of natural light and ventilation, and numerous plants add natural thermal insulation to the home. In addition, it will be equipped with solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. The used water will be directed to the plant watering system.

The Urban Forest project was developed by the developer Aria Property Group and is currently awaiting a building permit.