Aurga module uses artificial intelligence for professional camera setup

Not everyone with a DSLR camera is a highly skilled photographer, but everyone wants to be. That's why the Aurga module was created, which uses artificial intelligence to professionally configure the camera.

The Aurga attaches to the top of the camera (Nikon and Canon only so far). Control is carried out wirelessly using special applications for iOS / Android from a distance of up to 30 meters. Users have a choice of six categories of photos, depending on what they are going to shoot.

After the choice is made, the device turns to its photo archive, which contains thousands of images, and proceeds to analyze the selected category of photos. After assessing the lighting level, Aurga adjusts the camera according to the best images from the database.

In addition to automatic, it is also possible to manually adjust the camera, when, for example, you need to take HDR pictures. An option is provided to combine three pictures with different settings into one. In addition, the module has a slot for memory cards for backing up photos.

Aurga is currently the target of a Kickstarter finance campaign where it can be purchased for $ 89. In the future, the retail price of the gadget can reach $ 130.