Skolkovo has figured out how to correct a person's gaze on the screen

More than once during a Skype video call, we paid attention to the look of our interlocutor on the other side of the screen, which is facing downward somewhere. The most interesting thing is that our interlocutor sees about the same picture. The reason is that we prefer to look not at the camera, but at the screen.

As it turned out, in addition to millions of Skype users, TV presenters also face a similar problem, having to simultaneously maintain visual contact with the audience and pronounce the text.

Skoltech specialists undertook to correct the "picture", having developed a special algorithm that corrects a person's gaze during a video broadcast.

The system developed by them is based on the principles of teaching a computer neural network. At the first stage, a special algorithm localizes the eye area by calculating a characteristic set of points. The information obtained, including the angle of the required gaze correction, is fed into the neural network, where the amount of deformation is calculated in such a way that the illusion of a “direct” gaze arises.

According to the developers, their system is able to "retarget" the view to any angle. After revision, this technology will find application, both in video communication and in the processing of photo and film products.