EyeNav app lets you control your TV with eye movements

Netflix has unveiled an add-on for its iOS app, offering users a new interface that looks like sheer witchcraft from the outside.

Just imagine - a person looks at the screen of the gadget, moves the muscles of his face, and the program regularly switches the menu, activates the search and launches various options.

The masterpiece called EyeNav is authored by programmers Ben Rooks, John Fox and Steve Henderson. They seriously hope that their development will form the basis of friendly APIs of the future and even become, if not a standard, then at least an ancestor of true contactless control systems. No need to pick up a smartphone - just a few eye movements are enough and the program will launch the desired movie or TV show by itself.

In fact, this level of sensitivity is not yet available to the application, it can only track turns and tilts of the head, eye movement and the point at which the gaze is directed, plus it understands a couple of commands with tongue movements. It is not clear when EyeNav can be tested in practice, the technology has only been announced, but not promised to be launched soon. On the other hand, such a clear interest in biometric tools makes it possible to predict future changes in Netflix's policy. The developers hope that integration with other services like FaceID will expand the capabilities of the system. Also, it can be of invaluable service to people with reduced mobility. Either way, the new feature will add points to the world's largest streaming service.