Super thin optoelectronic diodes will take nanotechnology to a new level

Electronics is unthinkable without diodes - semiconductor devices that allow current to flow in only one direction. With the development of modern technologies and the creation of new materials, the scope of application of diodes and their capabilities is expanding.

tungsten diselenide - a three-layer substance with a crystalline structure, consisting of two layers of selenium and a layer of tungsten 1 atom thick between them became the object of joint research by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Vienna University of Technology and Washington University. Such a structure makes this substance very durable, and ultra-thin diodes created from it have the functions of p- and n-type diodes, depending on the operating mode.

The unique structure of tungsten diselenide diodes allows them to be placed on almost any surface and used in the manufacture of all types of optoelectronic devices. They could, for example, be embedded in car windows, smart devices, contact lenses, or make flexible solar panels out of them.