Ford unveils lulling ride cradle

Have you ever wanted to go into circles around the block at 3 a.m. just because the baby miraculously falls asleep during the trip in the car? The problem is so urgent for parents in developed countries that the American auto giant has developed Max Motor Dreams - a cradle for a baby with a complete imitation of movement in a car.

Vibration from the engine, rocking on potholes, secure fit in a child seat, a combination of smells and sounds. What is the key factor that makes the baby fall asleep so quickly and sweetly in the car? A clear answer has not been found so far, so Ford just developed a system that will copy the atmosphere of your family transport. Especially if it is bought from Ford - advertising is advertising.

Structurally, Max Motor Dreams is a crib with a vibrating mattress, audio system and intelligent lighting. Parents need to spend some time initially and write down the parameters of their real car in the situation when the baby falls asleep best. The data is entered into the memory and the auto-cradle is trained to reproduce the creaking of a chair, periodic spots of light from road lamps, swaying from worn shock absorbers, because the family does not have the funds to repair them due to the birth of a child, etc.

The main advantage of the novelty is that parents do not need to sit behind the wheel of a real car, desperately struggling with sleep, and do not even need to fake a trip. Lie next to your crib and rest, you deserve it. Max Motor Dreams will not become a panacea for baby care, the company says in plain text that this is a one-off project. However, this is part of Ford's new car-family symbiosis program, and may include more practical designs.