A printed solar panel turns your portrait into an energy source

A team of researchers from the Finnish Aalto University has developed a unique technology for inkjet printing of solar panels in the form of text or any image. The generated electricity must be sufficient for the operation of low-power devices. The performance of such a decorative power supply is comparable to flexible organic solar panels.

The development is based on the use of titanium oxide films, on which a concentrated dye is applied, which acts as an electrolyte. This combination of components was developed at the École Polytechnique de Lausanne, Switzerland. Finnish researchers selected a solvent and optimized the parameters for spraying the pattern onto the surface.

The main advantage of these power supplies is the ability to apply to any surface, which allows them to be used in interior solutions. More than 1000 hours of test operation under extreme conditions of direct sunlight showed no performance degradation. Users will be able to order solar panels in the form of their own portraits, graphics or texts.