In the new military radio station, the bones of a soldier's skull act as an antenna

BAE Systems has developed a technology that allows the bones of a soldier's skull to be used as a transmit / receive antenna. In its development, the natural ability of the human body was used to relay sound vibrations through the bones directly to the inner ear through a special helmet.

The new technology allows you to send and receive messages using a coin-sized device. In a combat situation, the importance of communication can hardly be overestimated. It should not be interrupted due to interference and loud sounds from explosions and shots.

As you know, we perceive sounds through the ear canal. With the "bone" reception, the sound passes the eardrum, and a special device converts sound waves into vibrations, which are then transmitted through the bones of the skull directly to the cochlea, where the sounds are converted into nerve impulses transmitted to the brain.

BAE Systems' novelty will be presented at Defense and Security Equipment International, which will open next week in London.